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Subject: **FIRST EMAIL**/The Latest and Greatest Championship Updates

Greetings Teams:

We are looking forward to seeing all of you in St. Louis next week!  Please 
read the following important information, and keep an eye on your inbox for any 
additional emails that may be sent in the days leading up to the Championship 
(CMP) event!

Please visit the CMP Planning section of our website for important information 
http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/content.aspx?id=432.  We update 
this page regularly, so check back periodically for new posts.

FRC Team Division Lists are now available!  Find them on the CMP Planning 
website (linked above) under "Team List."
IMPORTANT Wednesday Night Load-In: FRC teams may load in from two sides of the 
convention center Wednesday night.  There will be five street level loading 
stations on 9th street and one street level loading station at the 7th Street & 
Convention Plaza intersection.  (See 
 FRC traffic should proceed clockwise around the America's center to facilitate 
unloading. The city has agreed to close one lane of 9th street to allow FRC 
teams to park briefly. There will be police and event staff on hand to direct 

The driver of the load in vehicle may not leave the vehicle.  Unload the 5 
members of your team who will be entering the pits, unload the gear as quickly 
as you can and move so the next team may pull in.   Large vehicle parking is 
available on 5th and Cole Street directly behind the dome for $35 for a 24 hour 
period.  Be sure to mention you are a FRC team as the usual rate is $75.

There is no set limit to the amount of materials teams may load in, but load in 
MUST be done in a safe and manageable way.  Remember to review the Withholding 
Allowance rules as defined in the FRC Game Manual section 1 - Introduction and 
discussed in the FRC Game Manual section 4 - The Robot.

Teams sign for their 5 load in wristbands at the load in station.  Wristbands 
must be worn for access to the pit area.   If a member of your load in team 
needs to leave the pit for any reason, they may return as long as they are 
still wearing their wristband.

Wednesday night teams may:

 *   Uncrate/unbag their robot - be sure to have an inspector sign off on your 
bag & tag form before opening your robot bag.
 *   Charge batteries
 *   Set up their pit
 *   Work on their robot - the NASA machine shops will be open
 *   Get their robot inspected
 *   Get their encryption key
Practice fields will not be open on Wednesday night.

A Message from Autodesk: After months of hard work and weeks of exciting 
regional competition, it's time for the 2011 FIRST Championship.  We look 
forward to meeting you in St. Louis.  In our booth in the FRC Pit Area, 
Autodesk will host daily sessions on 3D Animation and 3D Design using examples 
from FRC teams and hosted by Will Fowler and Phil Dollan.  Join these sessions 
to learn, ask questions, and to win some great prizes!  There will be time for 
1:1's with educator/experts Phil and Will; so you can get in-depth answers to 
your questions and some on-the-spot training.  Join us on Thursday evening for 
the 2011 "Phil & Will Show" - our annual mini-awards celebration, showing great 
student work from this year's submittals for the Autodesk Award.  We're 
planning some interactive surprises for this year, so check the booth schedule 
and spend as much time with us as you can.  And finally, be sure to check in 
with us on-site to get details about a special guest whose project was featured 
on the Dean of Invention show.  More details are available in the CMP A-Z Team 

Don't forget your Safety Glasses!  Everyone is required to wear Safety Glasses 
at all times in the Pit area.  When you are packing up to go to CMP, please 
remember to pack Safety Glasses for every Student and Mentor who will be in the 
Pit area.  FIRST has only a limited supply of extra Safety Glasses on hand, so 
we appreciate your efforts to supply enough Safety Glasses for your entire team!

Driver's Meetings, @FRCrefs: Teams report to their division field at 8:15 AM 
Thursday for the Driver's Meeting.  For consistency, Aidan Browne, Chief 
Referee will be broadcasting his portion of the Driver's Meeting to all fields 
simultaneously.  If your team has any questions they would like answered during 
the Driver's Meeting, you must tweet your questions to @FRCrefs by Monday, 
April 25th. A second Driver's Meeting will be held on Friday at 7:45AM.  The 
purpose of this meeting is to familiarize teams with their new location, as the 
Divisions will have changed fields overnight.
Food & Friends @ FIRST Café: This event will be held on Saturday April 30; 
immediately following Closing Ceremonies. There will be different entertainment 
options, from music to karaoke to interactive entertainment, held at various 
locations in the America's Center. A packaged meal will be provided upon 
departure from the Closing Ceremonies in the Edward
Jones Dome. Wristbands will be given out at Pit administration for the packaged 
on Saturday morning, ending at 4 PM Saturday afternoon. There will be wristbands
provided for FRC teams.  For more details about activities, please find a flier 
on the CMP Planning page under "General Info": 
Mentor Recognition Breakfast: The healthiest way to start the day is with a 
good breakfast- especially one you can share with other FRC Mentors at 
Championship!  Back by popular demand is the Mentor Recognition Breakfast 
hosted by Autodesk. Keep a look out for the official invitation with date, time 
and RSVP info coming to an inbox near you soon!
New Important Message from PTC: PTC is excited to announce The PTC Student 
Design Competition that will be held during the FIRST World Championships this 
year. This is an exciting event where individuals from FRC and FTC teams will 
be able to develop concepts for a rescue robot and then demonstrate their 
skills at modeling some aspect of their design in a 15-minute action packed 
session competing against others for a grand prize of an Apple iPad, second 
prize an Apple iPod, and third prize an Apple iTouch. The attached file 
provides all the information for this exciting competition. You will need to 
contact us before championship by emailing an RSVP to get a chance at these 
prizes. We look forward to seeing you at our booth demonstrating your design 
prowess.  More details about this contest are available in the CMP A-Z Team 

Registration for the 2011 FIRST Robotics Conferences at the CMP is now open for 
advanced passes!  For more information please visit: 
Please contact firstplace@xxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:firstplace@xxxxxxxxxxx> with any 
questions about the Conferences.

Robots/Crates:  Every team receives a donated FedEx shipment HOME from 
Championship. You must ship your robot and any additional crates home through 
Shepard Exposition Services. You cannot take your robot or crate from the event 
unless you have received written permission from FRC.  See Section 5.5.2 of the 
Manual for instructions on requesting a shipping exception.  All exception 
requests for the Championship should be received by April 22, 2011 by 5 PM EST.

Finally, if you have any questions about the event, please don't hesitate to 
contact Team Support at frcteams@xxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:frcteams@xxxxxxxxxxx> or 
800-871-8326, "0."

Go 2011 Championship Teams!
FRC Team Support
FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)
200 Bedford Street
Manchester, NH 03101
Phone: (603) 666-3906  Fax: (603) 666-3907

The information in this email is confidential and intended solely for the 
individual or entity to whom it is addressed. If you have received this email 
in error please notify the sender by return e-mail, delete this email, and 
refrain from any disclosure or action based on the information. 

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