[team-oid] Re: Single country maps online

  • From: dom <dom@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: team-oid@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 08:16:42 +0200

Hi Michael,

ah yes I'd like to clean up my scripts first.
My intention was, to create something like a distribution.
I'm thinking about a package, which contains everything which is needed
to create
the maps. Containing my scripts, the mkgmap, stylefiles.
My intention was, that everybody should be able to extract this package
and start a script and
after a while a map is created.

To the problem with the netherlands map.
I found this img file also on my host. Yes it seems to be broken. I
already contacted the developer of the
map compiler. I also found one thing, that this image is bigger than 20
MB. In the currenty europe map
I also found this problem, and there the img file is also bigger than 20
MB. There is other img in all of my maps,
bigger than 20 MB. Perhaps there is a bug in combination with the
img-file size.


Michael Fuereder wrote:
>> Arnoud,
>> thanks for using the maps. :-D
>> When did you download this package? Was your zip extracting without any
>> problems?
>> And how big was your map zip file, about 100 MB? I found that the upload
>> of the netherland map was broken,
>> so I restartet the upload. Maybe you got a broken zip package.
>> But I will also have a look on it and check this. Currently I'm fighting
>> with small bugs like this.
> You could post the md5/sha1sums from each zip and each file in the
> zipfiles in an extra txt-file on the download server so everyone can
> verify that the download is ok.
> In the blogstyle-variant on your homepage i once asked for a short
> description of your workflow and parameters for the programs involved. I
> am still very interested in the process.
>> Regards,
>> Marco
> Michael

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