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TSRGD diagram 4002.1 - far sided display can only be used with 4003 -
standard ped button with illuminated wait.
AGD buttons conform with diagram 4003.1 which can be a single or split
unit, but cannot be used with 4002.1.

All require the correct  white lining to be in place.


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This is something we get asked for a lot in Stoke by the public as they
m to
think it is a legal requirement for us to provide a temporary crossing
at roadworks where a permanent crossing has to be switched off so I did
research into it.

This is taken from LTN 1/98 "The Installation of Traffic Signals and

8.09   Care should be taken to safeguard pedestrian safety during roadworks
   within the area of the work site and particularly at or near pedestrian
 =20 crossing facilities.     Temporary pedestrian facilities may be
ed on
    temporary signals as long as the area where pedestrians should cross is
    clearly marked.

This suggests that pedestrian facilities could be used at temporary signals
when working near a pedestrian crossing which has to be switched off.

The actual brochure for the product says that it is fully compliant with
"Performance Specification for Pedestrian Facilities at
Temporary Stand-alone Traffic Signals". (This=20can be found at the TSS
registry website: http://www.tssplansregistry.org )

This specification states that the product should comply with TSRGD Diagram
3000, Regulation 33, the signals shall comply with TSRGD Diagram 4002.1,
Regulation 47, and=20the push button shall comply with TSRGD Diagram 4003=
Regulation 47.
The unit uses peak elite signal heads and AGD push button units all of
are fully compliant with the TSRGD regulations.

With regards to approval for the product as a whole,=20this comes under the
requirements for Self-Certification set out in TRG 0600 (http://www.
tssplansregistry.org) which allows companies to design, test and self
fy a
product to a specific Technical Requirements Specification. This
also gives regulations that it must be compliant with when using radio
Again in the brochure this is something that the company states the
fully complies with and so I believe the product could legally be placed
highway with no site specific authorisation being required.

The one thing that would be of interest is how drivers react to the
Drivers tend not to treat temporary signals with the same respect as
ones and so when they see the other side stop they may drive through the
signal which would create a major safety issue.

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