[TCUG] Re: PUFFIN CROSSINGS - Road Safety for Schoolchildren

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Going off at a slight tangent. Does anybody know of any publication
explaining the use of the tactile indicator. I had a query about it from
a local Blind Peoples Association.
When I was at TRAFFEX and asked at the DfT stand, but nobody there
seemed to know what I was talking about, they did take my name and
address, but I haven't heard anything.=20

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The same happened to me with the 'Puffin Good Practice Guide' .

0121 303 7173


             Grahame Bath


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Good morning

Sorry for the extensive circulation, but I'm hoping this will get to
someone who can assist.

At TRAFFEX, I put my name down (with DfT) for the above DVD/CD ROM.
This arrived safely last week but neither the DVD nor the CD Rom will
operate, being identified as "Bad discs" by a variety of different
machines on which I tried them.

I rang the DfT enquiry line, to be transferred to "Publications" - who
have not heard of this product.

Can anybody advise who I can contact with regards this product which is
a combined effort by the Department for Transport and County Surveyors

Thanks and regards

Grahame Bath

Senior Engineer, ITS
Network Management & Information Centre
SCC Directorate of Services for Communities 020 8541 7346 (Tel) 020 8541
7366 (Fax)

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