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  • Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 08:03:02 -0700

I believe so.


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  Richard you calling in on the waiver.


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  I noticed no one is signed up to tow the trailer Saturday nor any other 
launch for the rest of the year?  Do I have an old schedule page?  I can pull 
if necessary, but didn't know.....  We're so organized you know......


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    Here is the waiver, I will call Richard or Zylstra or you guys call me in 
an hour or so I will be on the road after I get to Fernley I will check e-mails 
one last time, then off the grid. I have started the waiver/NOTAM now there 
needs to be an 8 hour before and a 30 minute before then a call after all is 
done. We cannot forget any of them they are logged and I have a perfect 
standing record for years and do not want them ever to have an excuse not to 
grant our waivers every year. Have fun

    Jack G

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