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I'll take one of those K2045's.  I'm already planning my victory dance!


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Hi All


               Ok James woke up the Nike crowd and I have been getting
e-mails and phone calls on what we are doing so here it is.


Nike Drag race on any size Nike Smoke you want but it has to have a K motor
in it or larger if you decide to fly a larger Nike.  Repeat- Has to be a
Nike Smoke now the motor of choice was the K2045 I will have about 14 or 15
of them and if you are in the drag race with a K2045 I will do the motor for
$99.00 only the K2045 so if you have a Nike and want to fly another motor
you can but I am not sure why you would want to get your assed kicked with
something less. I also have  Nike's in stock in all sizes 4", 5.5", 7.5" and
10" in the Polecat brand and I have a few of the Madcow 4" glass Nikes which
are basically the Performance Nike's. I saw a post where Aaron wanted to fly
the K1103X  well as long as it is in a Nike then fine but the problem Aaron
is we did this motor as a demo last year and Steve Sawyer got whipped with
that motor and I talked to Aerotech and they are still not California
certified a year later, so Karl is going to let me know when it can go into
California. So any questions?


Jack G

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