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Hey Dave

        The true question that will clear all doubts up is the under 18
years old because if it is yes then a Non member non HPR flyer may be
escorted with a HPR flyer but if it is No as I read it then all will stay
the same as under 18 cannot go on the High Power range and if you are over
18 and not a member or HPR flyer then you have to be escorted.

Jack G

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Sam Fineberg wrote:
> The Tripoli rules are new.  While this may not be the first time, it 
> hasn't been an issue until this year.  Tripoli had a fairly bad 
> incident at LDRS which was complicated by having unauthorized people 
> at the pads.

Yeah, I figured that was behind Tripoli's evident present desire to have
specific policies on access to the "HPR Pad Area" as such (a point on which
I don't think the NAR rules are quite as explicit)...

So do the new TRA rules require that a candidate for TRA certification (as a
"Non-HPR Flier") "escorted" to the pad area? (Or does this fall under the
same category as non-certified individuals being specifically allowed to buy
HPR motors for the purpose of making certification attempts?)

Seems like it would be good to get a clarification (as Jack said he planned
to) from TRA HQ on whether an NAR "junior cert"
candidate with a parent (HPR-certified and over 18) would count as a
"Non-HPR Flier ... escorted by a HPR Flier" for the purpose of the "2-18.1.1

-dave w

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