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Thank you Jack for clarifying.  I think you have good judgement of the rules.  
I honestly don't think the rules are unreasonable.  I just don't want to 
violate the rules as RSO or LCO. 

Karl B.  

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In the exception it states non HPR fliers are allowed with an escort of a 
High power flyer and in Tripoli to become a high power flyer you have to be 
18 years of age so that was there mistake in assuming people knew this 
already but I have already asked for clarification because I don't want to 
tell a Father and son or Mother or Daughter no you can't fly your Jr cert 
program but the reality is Tripoli has always been a High Power organization 
and never adopted the Jr program and this did not happen by accident. 

Jack G 

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Jack Garibaldi wrote: 
> Maybe in a NAR club, but Tripoli does not have Jr level certification 
> I will check with headquarters. 

Hmmm... I note that the section of the rules you quoted in your previous 
message includes the following: 

"2-18.1.1 Exception: Non-HPR Fliers are allowed in the High Power Launch 
Area if escorted by a HPR Flier." 

I wonder whether this might be applied to allow a "junior cert" 
flier to set up a rocket on the HPR pads under the supervision of a 
certified mentor, as a "Non-HPR Flier ... escorted by a HPR Flier." (Perhaps 
I'm missing something but this seems like it might be a reasonable 
interpretation of the rule as written...) 

-dave w 

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