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  • Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2011 00:38:25 +0000 (UTC)

Well, it may "go into" the Kosdon TRM case at a research launch  but it is only 
certified with the AMW nozzle and bulkhead.  I think a lot of people get 
confused by the KBA label thinking the Animal Compatable reloads can go in 
either Kosdon or AMW hardware and be certified but they aren't. 

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It will go into a Kosdon 75/7600 casing.  they same size.  I have one. 

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Just to clarify the M1450 is a KBA "Animal Compatible" and goes in the AMW 7600 
case with a reusable nozzle.  One nice thing about the AMW case is that it is 
great for EX motors.  It seems like a great deal to me. 

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I would use a Kosdon by Aerotech 75/7600 , M1450 its 7813.0Ns motor and was use 
to set the M altitude record, its more powerful than the M1850W  7658.6Ns.  and 
for around 299.00  its about a hundred dollars cheaper than the M1850W 

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From: Aaron Stanley < rocketguy1317@xxxxxxxxxxx > 
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The AeroTech M1850W is no puss motor for the 75/7680.  It lofted my Performance 
Rocketry Competitor 4 to 18,600 feet.   

Video by James Dougherty: 

But just leave that 75mm motor mount out of the Intimidator 4, make it a 
minimum diameter, and fly it on an M750W 8^D 

Aaron Stanley 
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SARG# 10  - Equipment Manager 
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NAR# 84298 L3 
West Coast Aerotech Demo representative. 
Aerotech  the  BEST  way to fly. 

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        It has to fly on puss motors. It has a 75mm mount. 
        The Intimidator 5 and the Competitor 5 both have 98mm holes in the 
        They take real motors. 8^) 

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From: Jack Garibaldi 
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Yes as long as you don’t fly it on any puss motor 
Jack G 

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Subject: [tccrockets] Intimidator 4 
Ok, I got my Intimidator 4 kit today.  Does anyone know where I can find 2 
TAP’s to do my L3? 

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