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I forgot to forward this  from last week

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Some of you may have received a similar announcement a few weeks ago.  This
is an update.


Check out Tripoli.org home page "What's New" to see breaking news about
Safety Code revisions, and new programs.


The latest revisions deal with changes to the "Active Recovery" rules
introduced in the prior version.  Basically we decided that the NFPA rule
that required electronic initiated recovery effectively covered the new
"active recovery" rule in the HPSC so that rule was removed from the HPSC.
Another associated change was to the RSC where we, in order to expand
research activities dealing with innovative recovery methods, allows for
fliers to fly rockets that do not conform to the NFPA "electronic initiated
recovery" rule.  We hope to see major progress in the future in that area of
Research rocketry.


The Tripoli Mentoring Program (TMP) is designed to allow Junior members to
more actively participate in High Power activities.  The High Power Safety
Code (HPSC) and Research Safety Code (RSC) have been revised to accommodate
the TMP and to make some minor changes to fix errors and other miscellaneous


One important change to the HPSC is to structure it to augment the NFPA 1127
Code for High Power Rocketry with codes that are specific to Tripoli.  This
was done, in part to get around a copyright issue with NFPA and also to
"future-proof" our code with changes in 1127 that are coming soon.


Prefects will soon be sent a paper copy of 1127 (currently out of print, we
are working that issue), and all members can access 1127 at the NFPA site
(link  <http://www.tripoli.org/Launches/Safety/tabid/182/Default.aspx>
Launches >  <http://www.tripoli.org/Launches/Safety/tabid/182/Default.aspx>


At LDRS, we presented a new document: Safe Launch Practices.  A one page
"cheat sheet" that is a great summary of practices that should help us all
run safe launches.  Feedback was very positive and member comments were
integrated into the published version.  All members will be receiving a nice
physical copy of this document from HQ to add to your handbook.  RSO's and
LD's can use this as a handy resource during launches.


Looking back at the last year I'm proud of the policies that we have adopted
in order to make Tripoli a better/safer organization.  Here are some of the
policy changes that we have adopted just this year:


-          Commercial Motor Approved for Research Use Program.  This program
allows for TMT to approve commercial motors that do not conform to NFPA 1127
constraints (e.g. total impulse greater than 'O') to be flown at Tripoli
Research launches.

-          Revised our Safety Codes to facilitate better participation by
our junior members (i.e. TMP) and at the same time helping achieve better
range control.

-          Allowing modroc activities at our Research Launches in order to
make TRLs more "family friendly".

-          Expanding our Research rocketry to explicitly embrace research
into new, innovative recovery mechanisms.

-          Introduced the one page Safe Launch Practices document to provide
an easy to read "cheat sheet" for our Safety Codes.

-          Our FAA Class 3 Committee is working with the FAA to "fast track"
our Class 3 flight approvals.  We are making Tripoli the "gold standard" for
this effort.


Your directors work hard to represent our hobby to AHJs and continue to work
to expand our hobby while understanding that our risks (and our ability to
provide affordable insurance) also need to be managed.




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