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I finally finished the photo edits for three launch events in the Desert 
(Aeronaut, XPRS, BALLS).

Here’s my most recent compilation of OPR (other people’s rockets) from BALLS: 

And here is a reverse-time sequenced list of all the photos from the summer 
launches (so it starts with BALLS, then XPRS, then Aeronaut):

What  great season.  I had three N and a couple L launches, all supersonic... 
But the last one ended in a supersonic shred, a first for me.  When I fail, I 
usually end with a ballistic reentry.  =)

With three successful flights on N motors, we pushed it with a vintage AMW 
N4000 Blue Baboon.  This time, a fin ripped off at Mach 2.5, and the airframe 
went through a Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly back to the original kit parts 
(even the Duracells flew free), which then rained over the playa all the way to 
Jeff’s R10000 Hybrid on the far, far away pad.  I got everything back, and I 
have to say I am amazed that all of the expensive stuff survived separate free 
falls to the playa  (Balloon Boy streaming GPS, G-Wiz HCX and LCX, Two 
Rousetech CD3s, Boostervision HD cam, 98-17500 motor, and 60” SkyAngle Chute.  
In fact the 1/4” steel eyebolts ripped apart before the GLR kevlar cord or the 
parachute swivel, which was stretched from a ring to an oblong oval).  I think 
I can rebuild her with a bit of JB Weld and Duct tape.... ;-)

N4000 video compilation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U3V38kjmpA  (with HD 
Launch shots: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jurvetson/6252464978/
Photo sequence of the shred and recovery: 

Wish I could join you at October Skies.  I did point the KQED film crew to the 
event, so a lot of kids might see your launches.

Rok on,

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