[tcb] t@p pain and jeapordy

  • From: Cari Smith <cariandpaul@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2011 17:51:35 -0500

The other Paul Smith and I have worked to get the bus back to road worthy
shape in time for T@P, but we are getting down to the wie.  Here's our
problem.  We have a fuel/air mix problem that we can't seem to kick.
Symptoms are a bus that does not idle correctly and Paul has to 3-foot it at
all stops.  That's one on the clutch, one on the brake, and one on the gas
to keep us from stalling. The first and easiest answer is to adjust the
idle.  The screw does nothing and based on our Muir book, we cleaned the
carb.  Now will hold a fairly steady idle , but it's too low.  When you
engage the transmission it dies.  Or when you rev the throttle, on the way
back down to idle it goes too low and dies.  So far we have: cleaned carb
with carb cleaner, cleaned air filter, replaced fuel pump and rod, replace
valve cover gasket (unrelated), replaced spark plugs, checked timing, run
compression test... all is good.  The only thing we havent replaced is
points, but  I surely would have thought fouled points would show up in the
compression test.

Any words of wisdom, we're caught between takinging it to a mechanic down
the street for God knows how much moolah, or skipping Transporters
altogether, which really means we would still come in our pontiac and just
camp in a tent.

Cari smith

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