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U can build a stroker for the same price as a 1914 or 1915, hence more
torque,less work for the motor...better gas mileage at times... u'll use
same size carb's,cam,& u don't have to use big stuff in heads,but it helps
it breath...

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quite honestly, i don't care what size motor as long as it runs. but i would

love to have a 1914 at some point in life.

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>I've built a 2007cc,/78 stroker crank,90.5 pistons n jugs,8-1comp.,ported n
>polished heads w/42int.n 37ex.valves,120cam,balanced,dual 44 webbers,1.5
>oilsump,xternal oil cooler,24-26mpg on hwy,2900-3200
>rpm's,frwyflyertranny,temp 180'-190',been together for 3 years...Gonna take
>out the bug & install in my bus when it's ready...torque,torque,torque...
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>You need a bigger tailpipe!!! (on the bus)
>Dan Martin <danandkatrinamartin@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>  There seems to be very little chatter lately, so I will try to start a
>During the investigation of a oil leak on a type 1 it was discovered that
>the engine had 94 mm piston and cylinders installed. Upon further
>investigation a stock riveted cam was found. My topic is the reasoning
>behind building such a motor. From what I understand, and I could be wrong,
>the case has to be machined for the 94 mm P&C to be installed. I just don't
>understand why one would build one configured this way. Am I missing
>And to keep the conversation offensive to everyone ( never discuss 
>politics or bore and stroke with strangers ) what would you build, or have
>built or already have for the perfect bus motor? I will even go out on a
>limb and tell everyone that I had a local builder build me a 1600 cc engine
>with a new Auto Lina aluminum case, stock stroke counterweighted crank,
>Engle 110 cam and stock size valve single port heads. I run a 34 pict 3 
>on a adapter plate on a stock type 3 auto stick single port intake with
>large vacuum port. ( for the brake booster ) I use a stock exhaust system
>with heater boxes. I have a stock dog house cooler without flaps. I
>installed a Berg 1.5 quart sump, and a Berg dip stick thingy to keep an eye
>on the oil temp.
>Dan & Katrina Martin
>1971 VW Bus

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