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  • Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 12:56:08 -0600

A few years ago, bout 4, I asked Lyle Cherry to build me an engine for the Baja. Told him I wanted stock bore stroke that would run at least 75,000 miles without overhaul. Here's what he did: AS41 case; stock crank/rods etc; 8 doweled flywheel; CB 044 heads (the least expensive ones about $170 per copy); Engle 110 camshaft; and balanced everything. We also installed a mid-range heavy duty oil pump with offset filter. No deep sump. Stock dog house cooler. This engine cruises great at 3,200-3,500 rpm, only gets over 180 oil temp on extremely hot days. Runs 180 at speed on an 80-85 degree day. Hottest it has ever been was around 210 when the outside air temp was 110 and cruising at a constant 70. Engine now has about 35,000 miles on it. Uses no oil and has only been serviced with normal tune ups. Oil change and valve adjustment at 3,000 miles and points, plugs condenser and carb adjustments at 10,000 miles. Running Weber 34s and have never touched them except normal adjustments and they have about 45,000 miles on them.

Oakhill Automotive guys keep bugging me about a new big engine. They build a stroker motor that they swear by. I think 90.5s and stroked to bring it to just over 2,000cc (something like 2004). Daniel runs one of these in Amanda's 67 with a center mounted Weber (he doesn't like to deal with dual carbs), stock dog house and a deep sump. Runs like a champ and he claims 65,000-75,000 miles as a daily driver between overhauls.

That's my 2 cents worth.

At 12:23 PM 1/25/2006, you wrote:
There seems to be very little chatter lately, so I will try to start a conversation.

During the investigation of a oil leak on a type 1 it was discovered that the engine had 94 mm piston and cylinders installed. Upon further investigation a stock riveted cam was found. My topic is the reasoning behind building such a motor. From what I understand, and I could be wrong, the case has to be machined for the 94 mm P&C to be installed. I just don't understand why one would build one configured this way. Am I missing something?
And to keep the conversation offensive to everyone ( never discuss religion, politics or bore and stroke with strangers ) what would you build, or have built or already have for the perfect bus motor? I will even go out on a limb and tell everyone that I had a local builder build me a 1600 cc engine with a new Auto Lin aluminum case, stock stroke counterweighted crank, Engle 110 cam and stock size valve single port heads. I run a 34 pict 3 carb on a adapter plate on a stock type 3 auto stick single port intake with large vacuum port. ( for the brake booster ) I use a stock exhaust system with heater boxes. I have a stock dog house cooler without flaps. I installed a Berg 1.5 quart sump, and a Berg dip stick thingy to keep an eye on the oil temp.


Dan & Katrina Martin

1971 VW Bus




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