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  • From: Neil the VWDUDE <nbmdude@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 08:57:53 -0700 (PDT)

Ask them about a bonded title...thats what I did with
the 58...fairly painless IF the clerk you talk to
knows what a bonded title is...
--- Dan <ThatVWGuy@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have done it a couple times with success.  It's
> really not all that hard.  I get the feeling the
> Counties are given some latitude on how they do it
> so go into your local tax office/DMV and ask them
> how they want you to handle it.  If you live in a
> small County you will want to talk directly to the
> Tax Assessor/Collector.  If you live in Bexar
> county, Houston, Dallas, or similar large county
> then I'm guessing there is some middle management
> person who will handle it...but I wouldn't think it
> is a common enough transaction to take the word of
> just any clerk at the window.   
> -Dan
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>   Subject: [tcb] title question
>   what is the process in getting a title? i have a
> bill of sale but no title what do i do? will the dmv
> take care of all that? will i have to meet a state
> trooper like i did with hershey for a vin
> verification? i am looking at a camper like denis'
> but it has no title.
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