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No you heard 'use vasoline on ur rubbers!'

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A friend of mine who was an airplane mechanic says they use vaseline to restore 
rubber seals.

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I would never put a corrosive on my (well you know what part I'm talking about)
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&gt; Just pondering the yin-yang of life.
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&gt; &gt; ... yes but it's citris oil. I don't know how it
&gt; effects rubber it it's a
&gt; &gt; mild corrosive isn't it?
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&gt; &gt; I just cleaned up some tape gum from a window using
&gt; Goo Gone. Great
&gt; &gt; stuff but wanted to solicit thoughts on using it to
&gt; wipe the rubber as
&gt; &gt; a preservative. It's obviously corrosive but it's also
&gt; an oil?
&gt; &gt; Hummmmm.
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