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Happy Valentine's Day to everyone on the TCB!

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This is almost verbatim of the scam letter that Everett Barnes warns of on 
the samba.  He ships you a check for more than the asking price, asks you 
to wire him the difference, his payment is a fraudulent  certified 
check.  His check bounces after a couple of weeks.  His so called shipping 
agent never shows and you still have your bus and less of course the money 
you wired him.

Again, I wouldn't touch it with a 10' pole; or a German or a Frenchman 
either for that matter.

At 09:12 AM 2/14/2006, you wrote:
>what do ya'll think:
>I am John by name and am interested in purchasing your advertised  1977 vw 
>bus ,
>Flying V  ,of which i saw the advert on the internet.posted for the amount
>$1400. so i will want to know if it is still available for sale,and if yes
>will like you to give me the dimension and last price of it.concerning 
>you have nothing to worry yourself about it because i have my own shipping 
>who will come for the pick-up of it.your reply is urgently needed.
>      NOTE:my payment will be via certified cheque.
>If this is ok ay with you,forward me your FULL MAILING DETAILS
>BEST REGARD .......
>           I will be expecting your mail soonest.
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