[tcb] Re: the vanagon is alive

  • From: "Trey Jung" <treyjung@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 11:01:09 -0500

well I put the new carb on "DeeBus" Friday night and it started (hooray) ...... 
Saturday it was idling around 1200 rpm so I decided to adjust the idle (that's 
where I made the first mistake) b/c I decided I'll adjust the whole carb...... 
Well after 2 hours I can't get it to even idle right so I threw my hands up. 
took a shower and went to the Astros game Saturday afternoon with Dee and 
Kendall......Sunday I had to do other things and today I'm flying out to San 
Jose for the week as the company I work for was sold last Wednesday so everyone 
is flying in  to find out what happens now........ 

But the new carb is on .............. that much is done and it doesn't leak...

I'm trying to get with a friend to pull the engine this weekend to fix some 
leaks and tidy up some things I need done to it....


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  From: Denis Dodson 
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  If you could do a total engine removal of a watercooled engine, I would think 
that Trey should be able to put on a new carb in three weeks.
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    From: Mark Sawyer 
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    Thanks to Ronnie Hughes and Mark J. the vanagon is running again. Still 
have to do the final tuning, bleed the cooling system and replacing collector 
gaskets. But seems to run much better. We will see.

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