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  • Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 13:59:07 -0500 (CDT)

Yes Sir.

> So, If someone weighs 300 pounds and uses a 5 foot cheater pipe, is that
> the equivalent of 1500 pounds of torque?
> Will Wood <evilscientistboo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:   Tighten it till it
> snaps, then back it off a half turn. ;-)
> If don't have a BFTR then you can always be like me.. Weigh yourself on a
> scale, one foot lb of force is the force generated from one foot away from
> the center point using one pound of force. Using leverage, you double the
> force for two feet etc. So if you weigh 150lbs you can stand on the end of
> a craftsman breaker bar two feet from the center of the socket and you
> have applied 300 foot lbs of force to the nut.
> This gets you home as it were. Another thing to mention is that over the
> years, you can develope burrs and corrosion between the axle and the
> bearing, so I will torque the axle nuts, drive it for 40-50 miles and then
> re-check and tighten as necessary.
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>>Now, get your BAW and go out there and TAKE THAT NUT BACK OFF!!!
>>I'm surprised no one else has mentioned this.
>>Read this: http://www.type2.com/bartnik/torque.htm
>>I don't have the specs handy but I think the torque for an IRS bus rear
>>axle nut is suposed to be 267 ft/lbs.
>>Tighten it more than that and you will destroy your bearings (and
>> possibly
>>other bits and oieces, I'd have to look at a diagram) within a few
>> thousand
>>VW wrote the torque specifications for a reason. I've met you and your
>> Dad.
>>Like me, you are ... not gravity friendly. ;-)
>>Both of you on the end of a wrench or cheater pipe more than 1 foot long
>>would definitely over torque that nut. Me, alone, would have to use a 14"
>>handle for 267 ft/lbs.
>>On Thu, 20 Jul 2006 20:31:16 -0500 Brian Denning
>> wrote:
>>> back i noticed the axlenut was just about to fall off. so i hand
>>> tighten it
>>> because i have no wrenches with me and drive 10mph stopping every
>>> minute to
>>> tighten the nut. finally i run into this guy planting flowers and ask
>>> him if
>>> he has a pipewrench or something and he does so i tighten it. then he
>>> whips
>>> out this 1/4 inch thick 3" pipe and says here is some leverage for you
>>> so i
>>> litterally raise my self up off the ground then i roll the bus forward
>>> and
>>> get another good full turn on it and he then gives me a carter pin and
>>> says
>>> bet you need one of these too. so i put the new pin in and off i go
>>> still
>>> limping it because i am scared out of my mind that the wheel will fall
>>> off
>>> at any moment. get to my dads house pull the pin and tighen it a bit
>>> but not
>>> much so i get him to help (for those who have seen my dad, he isn't a
>>> small
>>> guy). we both put our weight on it to get the nut to where i can put
>>> the pin
>>> back in.

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