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His bus looks like you would find a backwoods Swedish hippy driving it.  But 
the guy looks and talks like an Aggie engineer with a degree in philosophy.  No 
beard, short haircut and clean clothes.  The reason for the Swede comment was 
not meant to offend anyone, but John the owner is a Swede.  His dad was a 
Swedish immigrant.

Will Wood <evilscientistboo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:  How to be a stankfoot hippy?

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>what's the title of the book? sounds great, wish i could of made it to mtn 
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>>Went to the Mtn View show. Saw the greatest bus ever, even better than 
>>Murray. Sorry that everyone on the TCB list did not get to see this bus. 
>>Driver/owner John Lago from Oshkosh WI. Quote from sign on windshield. 
>>"Daily Driver for 40+ years. Totaled twice, on fire 3 times, and dropped 
>>through the ice once. How many miles? Only the Shadow knows. From 
>>Florida to the Yukon, and close to both coasts. Been through 2 trannys, 
>>many motors. Recently a 2000 mile two-week trip to Georgia. Before that, 
>>a 5,000 mile ride to Newfoundland. Was there ever trouble? Sometimes 
>>you're the bug and sometimes you are the windshield."
>> The bus is a 62 Kombi that the owner bought as a youngster in 1966. He 
>>has modified this bus for roughing it in the Yukon and ice fishing in 
>>Wisconsin. It has a wood stove made from stainless steel to heat the 
>>interior and cooking when camping. It has a stainless steel trap door in 
>>the cargo floor for drilling through the ice and ice fishing. There is no 
>>interior in the rear except for a home made bunk along the left rear wall 
>>of the bus. Front seats, driver and passenger, are aluminum and web lawn 
>>chairs. Interior toilet is a hardwood seat with hole that holds a zip lock 
>>baggy. Fishing rods are mounted on the interior roof. Roof rack for 
>>carrying canoe. No front bumper cept for spare tire that hangs on the 
>>nose. Rear bumper home made from heavy steel. Rope pull start mounted on 
>>crank pulley of engine as taken from a 4 cylinder snow mobile. Works like 
>>a charm and starts on first pull as demonstrated by the owner. Every nook 
>>and cranny of the interior of the
>> bus is designed to hold something useful for the owner who takes extended 
>>trips and literally lives out of the bus and off of the land.
>> Owner has also written a book about the bus, philosophy of life, and 
>>whatever else came to mind. Read it completely at almost one sitting. If 
>>you are interested it is $15 and available at Lunchbreak Press, PO Box 703, 
>>Oshkosh WI 54903. Appears to be a self published book and has no ISBN on 
>>the book. Worth the read for guys who like busses. Not sure about the 
>>gals. Book written under name of John Bock. According to John, because 
>>that's his favorite beer.
>> He is supposed to be at the Funfest in Effington IL in a couple of weeks 
>>if anyone on the list is going and want to catch some interesting 
>>conversation with John, buy his book and look at his bus. Should have his 
>>traveling companion with him, very large brown Collie mix dog.
>> Meeting John and the bus made the trip, even without all of the other 
>>things that you normally get traveling a long way in a VW and though the 
>>mountains of hillbilly hollow AR to a VW show.
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