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Denis I'm updating the Airheads calendar for the year- what do you want me
say about your show? I know its 4th of july but what are going to call it?
Camping? Are you going to do trophies and all that stuff? What about a map?
Or a link to a map. Also if there's anything else I have forgotten let me
know and I will get it on the calendar.



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I am having a hoohaw on the 4th of July and I put it there so that all these
Texas folks would come to both shows ( mine and Eureka) if they wanted to.
So, if you can get the Houston people to go to yours (I will of course go to
yours) and then come to mine, well fine. But I don't think they will do the
100 hours of driving twice in two months. If they don't come to mine then I
will have to strangle you.


Now would not be a bad time of year, the Houston folk all go to Galveston in
the cold and rain. Maybe you could try a winter show.

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I don't know if Texans are allowed in Arkansas more than once a year. It
increases the I. Q. level to much.

Brian Denning <i_am_cool_fred@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

ok my dad and another friend of mine have been discussing this. i know denis

had psychoblooie in july but after reading about the one guys trip in the 
vanagon and staying at the gulfa gorge it made me think it might could 
happen. i work in hot springs, ar. beautiful old town. home of the famous 
natural hot springs and bathhouses not to mention the arlington where al 
capone practically lived. it is an old gambeling town that now has just the 
horse track. but there is an anual hot springs music festival in june (which

ends on fathers day) beautiful camping. lots of shops, great scenery, 
historic bathhouses and hotels. and to top it off there is a parking lot 
that could hold at least one hundred and a convention center where the world

famous "hogg days" is located. both places are located in the heart of down 
town. beautiful roads to drive on, beautiful scenery.

so in saying this what would it take to get a show started in hot springs? i

have a co-worker that would help with the planning and has lots of contacts 
as well.

what do ya'll think.

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