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Wolfsburg West has the over rider in stock for $94. Their shipping normally is about 3-4 days. They have all front bumper parts in stock except for the blade.

At 09:29 AM 1/25/2006, you wrote:

We have a check coming from Hagerty and we'll have to pay the shop, guess that's good they'll be in a hurry to get their money.
They plan on starting it today, who knows when they'll finish. We need the over rider bar for the front bumper that's all. I know we can
get a new one from Bus Depot but it will take weeks and then it has to be painted, if I can't get one around here I will order it so it will be on its way.
It was almost $4000 worth of damage.
I want to thank everyone for helping us find parts and Sammy's kind offer to lend us a bumper, you're all really good friends.
We took vacation time for Galveston so we can be sure to get to go-, can't wait.
Blues Traveler plays Sat night at 6 and a really good blues singer Marva Wright <http://www.marvawright.com/>www.marvawright.com/ at 8pm

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Well, How is your bus coming? Will it be repaired in time for galveston?

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