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Very interesting indeed.  I will say that Dave Eckles misses a lot of 
information and makes some assumptions that he hasn't taken the time to prove.  
He spends a lot of time in his books with the earlier models ('58 down) which 
doesn't help those of us with later splits as much.

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From: sammie smith <bugcollections@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 20:38:29 
Subject: [tcb] Re: samba 60

Terry:  Dug through some old factory photos and found two supposedly 60s with 
the indented hatch.  Now I'm really confused.  Apparently they must have 
started sometime in the 60 model year.  But the recognized authority Eccles 
says that this didn't start till 7/31/61 with sn 802986, at the same time as 
the large taillights.  What type of rear hatch does your 60 and 61 have and 
what type of taillights?  Per your sn's the 60 should have been built around 
late March of 60 and the 61 should have been built around early October 60.  
Your M code plates should tell you the exact date of manufacture.  The upper 
left corner of the M plate should have the date, e.g., 21 03 0 means the 21st 
day of March in 1960.  My 60 panel van was built 04 12 9, or December 4, 1959 
with SN 543756. 
And I didn't know you had such a collection of busses!  Two questions:  When 
are we gonna see some of these guys; and with all of those splitties what in 
the heck are you doing with those Bays? 

TheresaBuckner@xxxxxxx wrote:   
Hello Peter and all   that # is    663680   the title says 61     the 60 westy 
# is 588162   I have never looked it up in the books .   both are high 
hinge     Terry

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