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  • Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 09:53:31 -0500 (CDT)

Well, first of all we had a blast!
Thanks Denis and Jan for being such great hosts!  We will be back next
year for sure...

We (Dan and Katrina, Mark and Emily, my wife Amy and I) left on Thursday
at about 4:00PM from Houston, Texas.  We drove up the scenic Highway 19 to
Athens, Tx where we met at Chuck and Sue's house to pick up many huge
boxes of fireworks.  We hung around there for an hour or so, and
eventually hooked up with Duncan and Cindy (from Austin, TX) at the end of
Chuck and Sue's driveway.  After that, we drove for about 2 more hours and
spent the night at Cooper Lake campgrounds.

The next morning bright and early, we got up and continued on our journey
up to the Texas/Oklahoma border and on into the hilly areas of the drive. 
Eventually we hooked up with Andy in his green '78 in his hometown of
Poteau, Oklahoma.  After that, it was just a hop, skip, and a jump up to
Springdale, Arkansas.

When we arrived we were greeted by Denis, Jan, and Chuck and Sue (who we
met up with at the liquer store shortly before we arrived), and Gerald
Livingston.  Throughout the day we met up with several more people
including Fred from Dallas, who showed up with some friends from dallas,
Joel and Marilena (sp.), and Leo and Ed from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We had a
fairly laid back day on Friday and Denis gave us a tour of the house and
his shop, and the house behind the shop.  It took a while since he is such
a land barron now...
When it got dark we shot off a few fireworks, just to see if they worked,
HA! Then, we coaxed Denis into giving commentary while we watched "FATAL
JUSTICE".  After that, it was time for bed.

Saturday, everyone got up and ate breakfast at Chad's.  I ate 2 half pound
burritos (I can't believe I ate them all).  Then we just hung around the
house and ate snacks, took naps, conversed with all the great people that
showed up.  That afternoon, Sharon Chamberlin, Paul Smith, Mark Jenkins,
Duck and his wife, and a couple of friends of Denis' from Dallas showed
up.  Sometime that afternoon we hooked up Dan's Playstation 2 and Fred's
Guitar Hero guitars, and proceeded to play Guitar Hero for a good part of
the afternoon.
After that, we ate some bad ass steaks and drank beer and talked until it
got dark, then it was time for fireworks!
Dan, Andy, and Mark Jenkins were like kids in a candy store when lighting
all those huge fireworks!  We had a blast.  Then, we ate more, drank more,
conversed more, and went to bed.

Sunday, was a whole lot more laid back = I think because everybody was
hung over from Saturday :-)
Amy and I were going to try and go to Eureka Springs but I needed to
adjust my brakes, and repack a wheel bearing before the trip.  We went up
to the shop with Mark Sawyer and Gerald helped me to get everything all
sorted out, which took a whole lot more time than we thought.  So, Amy and
I decided to forego the Eureka Springs trip and just stay at the house.
Most everyone left on Sunday, except a few of us Houston people who were
going to leave on Monday.

Monday morning, Denis cooked us breakfast and we headed out back to Houston.
The drive home was pretty uneventful until we got some rain outside of
Dallas.  I got leaks from all over the place when it started raining, but
thankfully it did not rain for long...
Mark Sawyer had electrical issues when it started raining, but we stopped
for dinner in Ennis and let our vehicles dry out a little.  When we got
back in everything was fine.
We got back to Houston at about 11:30PM on Monday night.

Overall we had a blast, and it was very hard to come back to our humid and
hot city.
I can't wait for next year!
We got to meet lots of new faces, and enjoyed every moment of our vacation.
Thanks Denis and Jan for being absolutely perfect hosts...

> for those unfortunates that missed lets hear some fun details that
> happened
> at psychoblooie.
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