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Yes we ate in Caldwell and if anyone is ever driving that way on 36 north of 
Brenham be sure to eat at the little shack called Boondocks  the catfish is 
our favorite, we did have a nice drive home the sun shined the whole way we 
got home about 8pm. I'd like to go back to Belleville for a weekend, cute 
antique shops just a real clean picturesque town. Even a cool wet VW weekend 
with friends is a real fun time, beats hanging around here Thanks to Dan and 
Katrina for buying us all lunch at this cool place in Galveston , 39th and 
O, forgot the name, get the shrimp poboy.

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> Awsome ,Awsome ,Awsome pictures, I'm confused , some
> of the pictures made it look like it was cold, misty
> rainy ,drizzly , and generally miserable weather ,
> maybe it was the angle of the camera.?Had a blast ,
> the ride home was pure hell , rain,rain ,wind and lots
> of road construction on st 36 between Freeport and
> Rosenburg , At least Sunday was better for everyone
> drive home, Stve did ya'll eat in Caldwell?
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