[tcb] Re: old bus review

  • From: Mark Sawyer <mechmark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 4 May 2007 09:24:35 -0700 (PDT)

If I could fit behind the wheel of a splitty, I would have one. The seats just 
don't adjust back far enough. 

sammie smith <bugcollections@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:  Hey, that was a sort of 
tounge in check suggestion.  No changes to the TCBers.  Cept of course 
convincing all the phat chicks and wedgies that they really outta be drivin a 

wuzmop@xxxxxxx wrote:     I'm with Mark. Why do we need yet another entity to 
involve the same group of people in the same stuff? TCB has a local feel to it 
even though most of us are a couple hundred miles apart or more. I'm sure they 
are informative, but if that's what I was after, I'd just pay my dues and join 
what's already there.
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}        In my opinion we don't need anything other than the TCB. The dealings 
I have had in the past with members of NEATO and LIMBO is that they don't like 

sammie smith <bugcollections@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:   So there you go:  We can 
have the TCB NEATO and the TCB LIMBO.  Course the phats and the Wedgies are 
already in limbo to a large extent, so maybe they would not have to pay any 

Peter Albarian <pcalbar@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:   Not true Sammie,
I started a Bus club a few years back called Bus Owners NorthEast (B.O.N.E.) 
when I lived north of Philadelphia. We were open to any Bus from 1950 to fresh 
off the VW lot. BONE was the first (and only that I know of) NEATO and LiMBO 
chapter simultaniously. I know the President of LiMBO pretty well, so if the 
phat chicks and wedges didn't want to feel left out of the national scene, I 
can do something there as well.
It is after all about the Buses,

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From: sammie smith 
Date: Thu, 03 May 2007 07:00:19 
Subject: [tcb] Re: old bus review

Yeah, you would think with Peter as Pres of NEATO that we would have a TX 
chapter.  We could convert the TCB to a chapter but then we would have to kick 
out all of the phat chicks and wedgies, and there would go all of the good 

ATX BUS wrote: 

I also found the OBR to be a good read.  Thanks Peter. 
Where's the Texas Chapter of NEATO?

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From: sammie smith 
To: tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Wednesday, May 2, 2007 7:00:28 PM
Subject: [tcb] old bus review

Peter: Thanks for the copy of the Old Bus Review at the Classic.  My checks in 
the mail for a membership in NEATO. 

Ahhh...imagining that irresistible "new car" smell?
Check out new cars at Yahoo! Autos.: 

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