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Thanks, Sammie.
I called them and everyone else I could think of. No luck.

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Try the Oakhill Automotive guys in Longview.  Phone # 903 297-3496.  e-mail 
oakhillauto@xxxxxxxxxx  Phone will be faster.  They have piles of engine 
stuff laying around.

At 05:48 AM 4/7/2005, you wrote:
>I used to have a "bastard" 40hp many years ago. I seem to think it had the
>36hp style fan shroud, but I have been wrong before.
>I am in DESPRATE need of an 88mm machine-in piston and jug for a type 1
>motor. A good used one would by perfect if I can find one. I melted #3 on
>the way back from St. Louis this week end. Then I need to find some .040
>barrel shims to lower the compression ratio a little. I will call all the
>local shops in the FW area today and keep my fingers crossed. 88's are not
>real plentiful. If anybody has a lead on one, I would be grateful.
>Otherwise, we aren't going to make the TX classic.
>I sold my Ford, then rolled my Toyota on a patch of ice in Wyoming, then
>melted a piston in the bus. It has not been a good month, and I'm running
>out of cars to drive.

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