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you don't play w/nipples ???no not your nipples Will!!!!

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(!) (!) huh?

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>Don't forget to pinch those nipple things, so they swell up & fit
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>all top tin is on. muffler is on, heat exchangers on, pulley on.
>here is what i lack and i will get it tonight:
>intake gaskets, boots, distributor clamp, gennerator pully, those nipple 
>things that you slip hose into need to be put on the case and external 
>filter mount.
>denis, that heat duct thing you were talking about making sure i put it on 
>because if not it will blow a bunch of heat inside the motor compartment. 
>yea i can see exactly what you are talking about. and i almost forgot it 
>then i realized what that hole was for in the front piece of tin. so it is 
>motor looks real good. it will definately be installed this week.
>up next brakes. i have all the shtuff for the rear so those will get done 
>first. then the front then i put all the cabinetry back in (after 
>sterilizing everything because it is nasty) then camping i shall go
>so andy where we going in july(damn weddings) other than psychoblooie?
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