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Wow, that's a thought...
Yeah, bring 'em Paul!

Dan Martin wrote:

Bring Bob and the brake kit and we will install it in Denis' air- conditioned, lift equipped shop.

On Jun 26, 2006, at 6:22 PM, singlecabboy wrote:

I'll probably be in the zone , but I don't think the brakes will be on .I ought to have my ars kicked for not learning how to work on the stuff years ago , oh well. I've been lucky so for ,but its still frustrateing. --- Denis Dodson <coocoo@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Are you driving the Zone with your new super

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I will be leaving Temple Friday nite around 8;00 , if any one needs a ride to Dennis's , I can also leave earrrrrly Sat morning if that fits better,

Paul Smith
Praise The Lowered

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