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I don't know what you have, especially since you say it has heater elements. Is it an in-line heater blower? Mine is 4" so it is the same size as my heater air channel and, yes, I cut my channel and installed it just about under the driver's seat. G2 is right, if you mount it too close to the heater boxes it will melt any plastic parts.

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so i have one of those heater boosters that sucks the hot air from the back
and blows it up front it also has heater elements in it. it's like a big
hair dryer. the question is about where should it go? mid way? towards the back? up front? where? and how do i put it in do i cut the pipe and pop it in and use some rubber hose to attach it to the pipe or do i slide it in and
drill a hole for my wiring what is the best way. i found it in a big ol'
pile of crap that i have and it works now i want to take advantage of it.

If it has ANY plastic on it (it has wires, they have insulation, so ...)
then put it in the system as FAR AWAY from the heater boxes as possible.
The heater in the '69 Beetle would melt sneakers inadvertently left on the
back floorboard.


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