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Are you congratulating him on the trip report or the baby?



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Congrads to Lee & Jeff, great news and great trip report well done man.

Cajun Eskimo

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Hello all.


First off, I have some good news to start this quick email, my wife Lee is pregnant and due May 21st!


We just (on the 19th) had our second wedding anniversary. We are committed to “Adventure and Leisure” in our relationship and part of that is going on a trip every year for our anniversary. Last year we went to California wine country. This year we went on a camping road trip!


We took our “new” 1972 VW camper down to the hill country. On Thursday we loaded up, started driving and ended up at Lake Proctor (near Dublin, where Dr. Pepper was originally made). We then continued south to Kerrville, and camped in the Kerrville-Schreiner state park, it was beautiful, loaded with tame deer that would eat from your hands. The drive was amazing, the bus cruised great around 60-65 mph and 20 miles per gallon. On our journey we stumbled on one of those “historical markers,” it was the geographical center of Texas – so that was pretty cool!


On Saturday night we were in Boerne, great little hill country town, we went on a 3 hour cruise through small towns with 20 other vintage VW’s. We spent the night at Jeff’s ranch (a fellow VW owner – Ghia convertible), he’s got 20 beautiful acres, we had a great big bond fire.


This morning we woke up and went to VOSA car show, it had somewhere around 80-90 vintage VW’s.


It was a truly fantastic trip! We got back around 5:45pm and met up with my parents, sister and husband, brother and fiancée, and grandmother. We went to “Sea Monsters” a 3D IMAX movie that was great, now we’re home and ready for bed.


Please check out the new photos at:





Jeff and Lee +1 Bednar

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