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  • Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 15:25:19 -0600

I lost a 750Gig hard drive that only had 8Gig of free space remaining. I actually *HEARD* the drive fail. I heard the heads hit the platters. That's the first time I've heard a drive physically crash since the early 90's. Today it's usually a "silent failure" where the electronics go out and suddenly the computer just can't see the drive.

And, you can get a USB connector that will attach to either SATA or IDE drives for about $15. It's just a cable and power supply, no enclosure for the drive. Comes in handy for creating cheap backup drives or portable media drives.

I picked up a SATA "dock" that uses either USB or e-SATA to connect. That's REALLY nice because SATA drives are "hot swappable". Just pull one out and stick another in.

OK, I'm going back to sleep now.


sammie smith wrote:
What happened to me was a total hard drive crash. Rest of the computer was fine. I just don't know of easy way to back up the entire hard drive. Try to back up data files frequently to cd's or floppy.

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    I wasnt going to reply, because mostly no one pays any real
    attention to me on here, and two, I hate to admit my nerdness.
    However, start by telling me what exactly happens when you turn the
    computer on. Nothing? You can remove your harddrive and wire it into
    an external reader (available for under $100) and plug it into your
    new computer. Then the new computer reads your old harddrive like an
    external drive. You cant run software, but you can retrieve data.
    Let me know if I can be of more help. I crashed my computer during
    the big P2P software (napster) days, and had to get my music back.
Good Luck.

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