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  • From: Dan Martin <danandkatrinamartin@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 10:32:37 -0500

We have Ronnie following my trail of bread crumbs up saturday morning 
you should have him CALL you to make sure you are up and going, Yall 
could hook up on 36.
 From Sealy go 36 north (thru Heidenheimer) to Temple. The loop around 
Temple is 36, stay on 36. Past the airport on the right, turn left 
(south) on 317. 317 south to 2483. You can only turn right (west) on 
2483 it starts at 317, there is a sign for Morgan's Point Resort . Look 
for signs, there is a arrow sign pointing to the right, turn right, 
follow signs.
Ronnie and I both have adapters to go the other way, I do not recall 
seeing any 30 amp plugs.
There is enough room for you to do some donuts!
Yes bring it!

On Oct 7, 2004, at 10:01 AM, jumpinjoe wrote:

> This sucks, I have to work Friday night,  I also have to work
> Sunday afternoon.  I still plan to come up on Saturday.  Can I get
> directions on how to get there.  Also, I have the r.v., in order
> for the shower to work, I need electricity.  30 amp with the big
> plug in,  I don't know if there is a conversion plug or not for
> it.  I'm new to these big rigs, also will there be enough room to
> park it the camp site, w/a pull thru if possible..  Please let me
> know if you still want me to bring it or not.  Eric, Doggies are
> cool..  I just wouldn't want to leave it inside unattended...
> JUmper
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>> Joe,
>> What's your take on doggies?
>> If you aren't too keen on them we'll bring our tent to sleep in,
> we've got a 95# Lab that really wants to come to Temple...
>> p.s.- he's pretty well behaved...
>> Eric
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