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It's easy to tell Terry.  First thing I notice about a "stock" bus.  If you 
don't believe me ask Ray Decker who has 15s on a bus that is supposed to have 
14s.  If you run the correct tires for the bus the tires have the same overall 
diameter regardless of the wheel 14 or 15.  Go measure a 640X15 and then 
a 700/14 (correct tires for split busses), the are the same diameter.  And the 
wheels look totally different.

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You can put 14 s on your bus , by using 66 -70 wheels .   No one would know the 
difference , except for usins bus freaks .   But with hub caps on it might be 
hard to tell .    But these Hankooks are head & shoulders better than anything 
else I have found . I have a set for my 67 westy  . I ran them on a 68  PHAT 
CHICK    camper                 much better             terry

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That looks like a car tire to me.
Go with what Ron has at the Bus Depot.
THE BEST tires for a Bus. period.

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Would this be a suitable tire for the '59?
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>We stock them in 185R14 and 195R15 sizes at competitive prices.  (And you 
>support a Bus/Vanagon specialist.)
>http://busdepot.com/details.jsp?partnumber=RA08 (185R14)
>http://busdepot.com/details.jsp?partnumber=RA08195 (195R14)
>- Ron Salmon
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>  www.busdepot.com
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>Toll-Free for Orders by PART # :  1-866-BUS-DEPOT 

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