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I can't help you with the Bubble Puppy, but I do have In-A-Godda-Da-Vida on

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So far the "Purple Haze" (I just named it) is the big fave. I guess I'll
have to put the chandelier away for another time.
Paul, I saw Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen at a Junior High gym
in the mountains outside of Santa Cruz, CA about 100 years ago. God, I had
forgotten Bubble Puppy. I can lay my hands on 13th Floor Elevator, but
Bubble Puppy could be a challenge. Everybody, go to your attics and find me
some old LPs (we all remember what those were, right?).

singlecabboy <sealingwaxred@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Denis,you realize you're gonna haft to get up pretty
early in the morning to beat what you had last year ,
but with a new paint job and new enthusiasm I know you
can do it.I vote psycho delic, Gotta play some
original Texas psychedelic music from ,Bubble Puppy
and Thirteen Floor Elevators, We used to go to a place
in Austin called The Vulcan Gas Co. back in the 60's
,What a trip. Great music and a kick a light show with
the old slide projectors like on the cover of Iron
Butterflys album , Yep I vote psycho delic . You'll do
a great job, Dennis did I ever tell you the story
about the time we saw Commander Cody at the Armadillo
? Some other time ,good luck and we want to see pictures.

Paul Smith
Aka "The Bus People"
AKA "The Heidenheiner Bulli Boys"
AKA North Shore Transporters
Phat Chicks are our future

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