[tcb] Re: What all do I need?

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  • Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 17:16:51 -0600

Are you talking about the "daisies"? Are they the teflon?

Could you just give me a list or is this going to be like a game show?
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  Paper gaskets that go between the side cover and the axle tubes.That is what 
is use to adjust the swing axle tension.Bet you didn't know that.
  ole blue
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    When I was driving Murray home on the last leg of the TOAL, about two hours 
east of Ft. Smith, about 175 miles from home, the growling transaxle that took 
two bottles of gear oil a thousand miles earlier, in Florida, finally gave up 
fourth gear. No loud event, just no connection between the engine and the rear 
wheels. When I push on the accelerator I just got a zizzing sound, "zizzzzz." 
When I downshifted into third everything worked fine. I didn't even stop, I 
just slowed to 50 MPH (3500-4000 RPM) and made the rest of my way home. 

    I drove on the shoulder for a way. You never really notice all the sharp 
metal stuff and dead animals and broke down cars that are on the shoulder until 
you drive on it for a while.

    Eventually I realized that I was now doing "normal split bus speed" and got 
back on the regular slow lane. People passing me still took pictures and waved 
the peace sign at me. Nobody thinks anything is wrong with a Split doing 50.

    So, here's the question: what all gaskets and parts do I need to put in a 
new tranny? Remember that I have a Swing axle, not IRS and no reduction boxes. 
I will be at Chuck's on Friday and can get to parts houses, so what all do I 
need. Assume I have nothing, 'cuz I probably don't.

    Oh, and I know what food to bring.

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