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I replaced the front of my pickup and do not recommend going this way.  Keep as 
much of the original metal as possible and use the piece you buy to repair the 
windshield area.  The biggest problem I had replacing the whole front was 
getting the spacing on the doors correct and the area around the front vent.  
Also, if you want to keep the signals in the correct place requires alot of 
just my $.02

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Larry    tell him how to repair his bus        Terry

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Yeah, that is what I am doing. Still calling around. Debating if I 
should replace the whole clip or just the rotten stuff by the 
windshield. I was not able to find a 72 clip. Only 73 and up is 
awailable new. Not sure if I want to change the look. I like blinkers 
at the bottom. But again, it's really no big deal. New clip is 400 with 
shipping. Hopefully I can get it in Austin for 250ish. 
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> I must be missing something. We are talking about a '72 bus, > 
correct? We are talking about sections of the front? I can't tell > 
what I am looking for from the pictures, but is the guy from Canada > 
sending you an entire clip, or just those two parts? Am I wrong or > 
can't a whole clip off a Bay be found locally? Bays are not that > rare 
yet are they? I would forget Canada and go hunting. 
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>> Here is a pix of the nose section from Canada. Asking $80 plus $30 
>> for 
>> shipping 
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