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  • Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 11:53:50 -0500

Tires from the Bus Depot. Do Whales take special tires? I get all mine from 
Discount Tire, which is a problem because we don't have Discount Tire up here.
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  Thank you Denis! 

  Yep 16 days! I can't wait! 

  Ya I need Mark to finish those T-Shirts, that would be a good present for my 
B-Day! Mark! Mark! Finish those shirts!

  Dan is waiting for some shocks,tires,hubcaps, cup holder,etc. from Bus Depot 
for Homer.

  Katrina & Dan Martin 
  71'bus "Homer" 

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  From: Denis Dodson <coocoo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 

  Date: Wednesday, August 10, 2005 10:07 am 

  Subject: [tcb] Wake up everybody! 

  > Happy birthday, Kat! 
  > 16 days to Psychobilly2! 
  > What do you need, Mark, to finish those T-shirts? 
  > Whose bus is not ready? Dan will come over and fix it, whatever it is. 
  > Bob, did all the Buskatiers in St. Louis tell you they were 
  > coming? Did anybody know anything about it? 
  > I have to finish the "boat dock" today. And try to work on Murray, 
  > because it would be horribly ironic if 50 busses show up and mine 
  > doesn't work. 

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