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So you will be at Psychobilly Friday afternoon?

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The shortest way to Springdale from Houston is up 59 to Nacogdoches, 259 from Nacogdoches to almost Poteau OK then through Poteau to Ft. Smith, Interstate from Ft. Smith to Springdale. This route of course takes you through Nac. Anyone wanting to take a break in Nac or in need of service, parts, repairs can give me a call. 936-569-7821 home 936-569-3542 cell. This route also takes you through Longview, home of Oakhill Auto, the VW gurus. Their phone # is 903-297-3496 for anyone needing parts or service in or near Longview.

This the route that I am taking (always take) but am not leaving till Friday morning.
Sammie Smith

At 09:27 PM 8/7/2005, you wrote:
I guess we could go up 59 instead and meet you in Tenaha?
Going up 59 is not much out of our way and 4 lane most of the way.
I would be for that, when are you thinking leaving there?

On Aug 7, 2005, at 8:47 PM, Gerald V. Livingston II wrote:

From over here I would have to drive 200 miles west before heading
back east.
I'll probably take the whistle-stop tour. Straight up 96 through
Jasper, San
Augustine and Center. Up into TexArkana where I'll move onto 71
until I turn
off toward Springdale. Treats and Strips says 542.8 miles that way.

That's like driving to the Texas VW Classic from here. On my trips
west I
usually make it almost to El Paso before I stop the first time
(other than
for fuel). 550 miles is an easy day trip. <grin>

Forcing it to take me to I45 in Houston takes it up to 700+ miles.


On Sun, 7 Aug 2005 19:35:46 -0500 Dan Martin wrote:

Are you going to be able to go with the group heading up from Houston
on Thursday morning Aug 25th at 4:30 AM?
It looks like Ronnie, Trey, Mark S., Emily, Me and Katrina will be in
a group heading up I45 to 75 and over on I40.
Joe and Mark J. are still up in the air.
Steve and Sharon are leaving FORT WORTH on friday morning (around 4am
if I had to guess)

On Aug 7, 2005, at 6:16 PM, Gerald V. Livingston II wrote:

I said I'd post a quick note here about what's up with the Rivi.
Work is
hammering me. Further insight for those who know where to look when
I get a
chance to update that site.

Here's the summary:

1. I hit a wall again for time to work on the Rivi

2. I'm tired of just driving it within 10 miles of it's garage

3. I talked to a mechanic Wednesday and got an estimate

4. I dropped it off at a local mechanic Thursday night with a big
box of
parts. He's supposed to be done with it by this Friday so i can
test run it a

He is doing:

Bearings (all 4 wheels)

Brakes (all cylinders, wheel and master, all pads, turn drums and
rotors, all
soft lines replaced with stainles steel DOT lines (from
replace seals in calipers if needed, new springs/hardware front and

Shocks -- since he'll have everything off anyway -- forgot to put
those in
the parts box but will drop them off tomorrow.

Steering damper -- since he'll be under there

I still need to find a good steering wheel for a '73. I hate that
press on
wheel, guess I should swap in one of the '74 steering columns I
have with the
splined shaft.


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