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With you being smart and all Gerald, I am sure you thought about stacking washer or bigger nuts onto the cable and then putting the wingnut doodad back on. I do believe that my bus has a few washers because, 5 years ago when I installed the cable, even though it was new it would not disengage all the way.

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Sorry to hear about the clutch problem.
Do you have a spare cable?
Could just be stretched. (did you install a new heavy clutch with the raby motor?)
Did you get the idle straightened out?
That windshield could wait until the return trip?
We will be glad to have you at the beach!

On Jan 9, 2006, at 1:33 PM, Gerald V. Livingston II wrote:

I'm going to spend my 11 days comtemplating busicide. I made it about 150
miles before I tried to take an exit to refuel and realized I was sorta
stuck in 4th. Got it out of 4th only by letting the engine die, shifting to
2nd (with a little clunk) and bump starting from there to get ino the gas
station lot.

Fiddled with the clutch cable nut and with it adjusted ALL THE WAY down I
can get it to release enough that it slips pretty good with the pedal down
but never fully releases.

Turned around and got as far back as my house driving with no clutch.
Luckily, highway all the way up to a few blocks from my house.

I'm waiting for my boss to come get me and take me to my truck.

I can either tow or stay home. I think I'll stay home and try to figure out
what's up with it.

I also have a commitment to finish installing a windshield about 5 or 6
hours from here. Busted the one we tried to install last Wednesday. It was
on the way and I was just going to make it a planned stop on the trip. Now,
if I get back to my truck early enough I need to haul ash to get there
early enough to do the work today as we planned. If I get back to the truck
too late I need to get some sleep and leave before dawn tomorrow to run up
there, then 6 hours back down here, then I think I'll be done in and in no
mood to tow the Rivi 1500 miles with a late Tuesday departure after having
already driven 12 hours that day.

Guess I'll shoot for the Galveston trip at the end of February.


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