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  • Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 10:18:06 -0500

That movie is great! I wanted to make a belt like thing or a fire suit that I can put on Dan and load it up with firworks and set him off. It would look something like that movie, but he pussed out, something about pain and scarring made him say no. It's like he was never in the Navy, like he says.

I got kicked off the VB list for about 2 years. My mail was bouncing and I kept sending tests, which is against the rules.

Are you coming here in August? It's too far away for you not to plan on it, so no excuses anymore.

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Chirp, Chirp

My "Oops movie" was on the BSKA list <grin>. I just don't post much ...
anywhere. The BSKA list "bounces" a little. It picks up some during the off
season (Nov to about Feb) because most of the members are up north where they
can't work on theier buses during those months -- so they retreat to the

Now, the VintageBus and Type2 lists are all tech. The membership is just so
large that there have to be tight rules and control. You picked up 27 new
messages this morning -- can you imagine getting 100 - 300 on a SINGLE LIST
almost every day. I remember months that approached 3000 messages in a single
month on the Vintage VW list a few years back when it got a little out of

When Mom and Dad both got sick I stopped reading some of the lists I
subscribe to. Four of them are semi-work related computer software lists. I
have 4000+ unread messages in one, 2400+ unread messages in another and 700+
in another. I spent about 5 hours and went through the 4th of them that
only had about 600 unread messages.

I have 3200+ unread messages in the Type2 list.

Speaking of PsychoBilly ....



On Wed, 13 Jul 2005 09:28:33 -0500 Denis Dodson wrote:

This morning I checked my e-mail and found 27 new messages. All were from
Vintagebus, Buskatiers and Missouri Micros. I signed on to those so that I
could get out the word about Psycho-freakin' Billy. These people just post
the crap out of subjects like "the 356 Porsche Pulley", about getting sued
by someone after you helped hem fix their bus and it blew up, about
whether a new battery can cause dieseling, stuff like that.

I can easily see where those groups could be of great use when you have a
tech problem, although I would rather get help locally and hands on.

But there is little personality. There is nothing about why Robb's bus
gets chili by the door, or Gerald's little "Oops!" movie, or how
disappointed and upset Dan was that I couldn't find a gay bar here in
Fayetteville (well, I think I found one, but it was closed).

As little as we post, I like our discussions better. I wonder how many
members of those other groups are gay? All I know of in ours are Dan and

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