[tcb] Re: Tshirts for T3P (PLEASE RESPOND QUICKLY)

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I talked to Dennis Holbrook yesterday and they are planning on going to T@P !
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I haven't heard for sure if Dennis & Claudia Holbrook will be there or not.
I will let you know if I find out. Maybe Terry, Larry or Steve & Sharon
know? If they make it, Claudia wears a small.

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Ronnie that sounds great , If there done by then I'll
hook u up. Drew and others just pay for them at the
show site , Should have plenty to go around , I reallt
appreciate the responce on the T shirt request , I had
never thought of getting ,med. or small , also helpped
on how many largerrrr sizes , Thanx again , also we
have some really good raffle prizes this year ,
Donations have been really slow , but The things we
have now are better than I've ever had at the other
shows . If any one has anything they would like to
donate please feel free to tell me, nothing too big or
too small. Also don't forget to bring your hot whel
,matchbox  ect Busses for the bus drags,

--- Ronnie Hughes <fracdogii@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


  Sign me up for two XXL and one XL

  If you can send them before Oct 6 I will wear mine
at the Buses and Balloons and see if anyone can make
it over to Temple.


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