[tcb] Re: Transporters at the Point III

  • From: Eric Woodall <eric@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2006 09:58:48 -0500

Where in the Spring Branch area are you?
You don't happen to live on Westview do you???
We are near Gessner and Hammerly.


JKi7886155@xxxxxxx wrote:

We are trying to make approximately a 12:00 PM exit from the Spring Branch area and meet everyone. Tina has to teach two classes on Friday but, she is going to try to make up the 12:00 till 3:00 class, another time and take off around noon. It's still up in the air for us but, we should be able to commit by the Houston VW Club night show Saturday night.
In a message dated 10/4/06 9:45:17 P.M. Central Daylight Time, captainotto@xxxxxxxxx writes:

    Hopefully Jessica and I will be leaving H-town In The Hoochiemama
    *Version 3* between 12:30 or 1 p.m. If there is anything we need
    to bring Please let us know.  Anyone want to cruise together?

    On 10/4/06, *singlecabboy* <sealingwaxred@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    <mailto:sealingwaxred@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

Awsome --- Katrina <k.d.martin@xxxxxxx <mailto:k.d.martin@xxxxxxx>> wrote:

        > That sounds like a good idea. I will put a big
        > plastic jar beside the paper plates that
        > says,"Donate a buck for the MPRPD(NO DEERS PLEASE)"
        > That way we can keep the MPRPD doing our cool ass
        > camp out every year!!!
        > Katrina
        > (breakfast taco champion)
        > On Tuesday, October 03, 2006, at 10:01PM, j duncan
        > <whocanduncan@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:whocanduncan@xxxxxxxxxxx>>
        > >Kat:  Contributions can be wholly voluntary,
        > of-course. Suggested amount is
        > >just that, suggested. Anybody can give more. . .or
        > less.
        > >
        > >I just think we should Paul's cause, eh?
        > >
        > >From: singlecabboy < sealingwaxred@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
        > >
        > >As for as the breakfast I'll stay out of that one .
        > I'll let you talk to
        > >Katrina on that one.
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > Katrina & Dan Martin
        > 71'bus "Homer"
        > http://web.mac.com/danandkatrinamartin/
        > http://ical.mac.com/danandkatrinamartin/Volks32Shows

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