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Meanie. I'm still crashing Bus events, even Splitties Only. I just linger on 
the outskirts. ;)

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Duncan you have a Van...not a Bus : )

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We have the upgraded policy from AAA. Wouldn't leave home without it.

Our bus is running great but it is 20+ years old. The last tow I needed was a 
bad connection at the starter, which I couldn't trace.

'89 Vanagon

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Everyone seems to always need a tow.  Julie, Paul etc....... 

So I bought a 1985 Vanagon, and gonna do its first test drive tonight. In June 
heading all the way from Abilene, Tx to Fargo, ND.  Everyone seems to always 
need a tow.  -So should I get Triple A, my insurance doesn't cover 
tows/roadside assistance since its so old.     Is that what ya'll suggest??, my 
Mom is really nervous for me to head up, plus we will have our 3kids with us.

'85 Westy
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Waiting for a tow to a mechanic.  That damned gremlin is sitting here chewing 
on chocolate cake and swigging beer and laughing at me.

On Apr 2, 2012, at 3:46 PM, shirley hall <vwbuslady@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

light switch?
>trip to kerrville last year, my wipers would not turn off, so i pulled off and 
>found the power wire.  first try to start bus, got no elec (no gen or oil 
>light or starter).  turned second time, started and on the way.  stayed at 
>kerrville 11 days.  moved the bus twice.  when packed and ready to come home, 
>again no elec.  2nd, 3rd time started.   at burnett, gen light comes on.  
>leave bus running, check engine, no visible problems.  told probably 
>alternator/regulator. eventually engine died and came back on tow truck.  
>changed regulator and other engine issues.  but when i put the engine back in, 
>again a couple of start issues and the low beams wouldn't work.  looked under 
>dash and switch was hanging out of case.  new switch.  no more problems. 
>--- On Mon, 4/2/12, Julie <julie.hey.ho.lets.go@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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>>Maybe I am going about this gremlin problem the wrong way.  Maybe I need 
>>embrace him and celebrate him and make him comfy rather than try to banish 
>>him.  I haven't driven Donner much in months.  I was working on him before 
>>the accident.  Friends came over 2 weekends ago to help with the last part of 
>>his mini-overhaul.  We did have to honk the horn to get him started. (So now 
>>I have witnesses that aren't related to me.). But other than that he has been 
>>doing well on test drives around my neighborhood and town.  Today I drove to 
>>a doctor appointment in Austin (so 45 miles) and he was perfect.  After the 
>>appointment he started fine.  At the first traffic light he died and wouldn't 
>>start until I honked the horn and then less than a mile later he cut off 
>>while I am driving and wouldn't start until I honked the horn.  I am having a 
>>feeling it is going to be a long crazy 48 mile drive home tonight in Austin 
>>Maybe if I spoil the gremlin with chocolate cake maybe I will get home with 
>>no problem?  
>>One of you nice folks looked up the wiring chart for a '71 and said to check 
>>out fuse #10.  Well it was loose and I have tightened it.  I was hoping that 
>>that was the magic solution.  But now it does not seem to be.
>>The stalling problem does not have to do with an intake leak.  It has to be a 
>>strange electrical quirk.  I don't mind honking the horn to get it started 
>>but I do mind the shutting off while driving.  A
 couple times when this has happened if I honk the horn in time the engine 
comes back to life.
>>Maybe beer for a gremlin?
>>I am not making this stuff up!

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