[tcb] Re: Thinning the Herd - Serious Question

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I think that's the plan.

Now I just have to keep the teenager from gerfinkerpoken the ones I keep and I 
will be fine.  Hahahaha

That or I just park at Doug's...

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Ronnie Hughes wrote:

Go with your initial thought, keep a couple and enjoy them as inteneded - 
crusing and camping, not up on blocks.  

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> Subject: [tcb] Thinning the Herd - Serious Question

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> Date: Tuesday, August 4, 2009, 12:05 AM

> I have a question for the list and

> since my tongue-and-cheek seems to be a miss on some folks I

> want to point out that I'm being serious here.


> Recently I've been thinking of pulling back out of the

> VW scene completely.  Some of this is philosophy some of

> this is pragmatic reality.  I've gone


> though this phase now three times in my life.  First get

> VWs, then get out of VWs.  Then get more VWs then get out

> of them.  I'm in the third cycle now.

> I have 7 bussen, er station wagons, type 2s..   During

> the second cycle I was once accused of running a junk yard

> by my local constabulary.  But that's another story.. 



> 2 type 3s (Robb, you're right they're a curse) one

> bug... er um zwitter, and a 61 vert project that's been

> in that state for over 10 years. 


> So, here's my point.  Do you think it's time to

> move on?  Get another hobby?  I can't enjoy all of

> them and I don't have my own Smithsonian Wing awaiting


> my collection...  My initial thought is keep between one

> to three of them and just enjoy those and sell the rest.


> What would you do?  Seriously?






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