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  • From: Conrad Klahn <conradk@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 04 Aug 2009 21:57:03 -0500

I think the problem I had was that I got into models that required constant care/feeding and I wasn't ready for (time and money). I'm happy now that I have a '93 EuroVan Weekender for modern convenience, toting kids around to campouts, air conditioner, and the '65 Bus I started with, which is finally moving along at a snail's pace.

So my advice to you is pick one or two (if one is a project and one is running nicely) and stick with us.

On Aug 4, 2009, at 12:05 AM, w.wood wrote:

I have a question for the list and since my tongue-and-cheek seems to be a miss on some folks I want to point out that I'm being serious here.

Recently I've been thinking of pulling back out of the VW scene completely. Some of this is philosophy some of this is pragmatic reality. I've gone though this phase now three times in my life. First get VWs, then get out of VWs. Then get more VWs then get out of them. I'm in the third cycle now. I have 7 bussen, er station wagons, type 2s.. During the second cycle I was once accused of running a junk yard by my local constabulary. But that's another story..

2 type 3s (Robb, you're right they're a curse) one bug... er um zwitter, and a 61 vert project that's been in that state for over 10 years.

So, here's my point. Do you think it's time to move on? Get another hobby? I can't enjoy all of them and I don't have my own Smithsonian Wing awaiting my collection... My initial thought is keep between one to three of them and just enjoy those and sell the rest.

What would you do?  Seriously?

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