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I know one.

I only have Murray. I sold our beautiful Ghia to someone who adored her and 
only wanted the one car and was going to use it as a daily driver. I have my 
hands full keeping Murray on the road and I don't see why I would keep more. I 
need all you other guys to keep all those vehicles and boneyards because I will 
need the parts.
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        Snobs in the VW community?  Never!  Now there are some real (*%^(&(*^ 
heads, but have never met a snob in the VW community.

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          when i sold hershey a 54 chevy 2 door post brased my finger tips, 
solid body, near perfect floors COMPLETE with motor, tranny, everythign was 
there, just needed to be rebuilt. straight 6's are cheap enough to rebuild, i 
looked into it, talked to a friend of mine that builds early iron for a living, 
and almost bought it. but something about vw's had me going back. since owning 
the 77, then the 69, now the 58 and 66 parts bus, i've learned, there are alot 
of great friends i have that share the vw hobby, in the early iron hobby they 
are all snobs. granted there are some snobs in the vw community as well, but i 
just don't see myself ever getting out of vw's.
          i vote keep one of each, sell the rest, and enjoy them. oh and you 
were bitching about the t3, a friend says it best, the factory made them a 
certain way for a reason, when you go and change that, you create problems. ;)
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          > Go with your initial thought, keep a couple and enjoy them as 
inteneded - crusing and camping, not up on blocks. 
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          > > Subject: [tcb] Thinning the Herd - Serious Question
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          > > Date: Tuesday, August 4, 2009, 12:05 AM
          > > I have a question for the list and
          > > since my tongue-and-cheek seems to be a miss on some folks I
          > > want to point out that I'm being serious here.
          > > 
          > > Recently I've been thinking of pulling back out of the
          > > VW scene completely.  Some of this is philosophy some of
          > > this is pragmatic reality.  I've gone
          > > 
          > > though this phase now three times in my life.  First get
          > > VWs, then get out of VWs.  Then get more VWs then get out
          > > of them.  I'm in the third cycle now.
          > > I have 7 bussen, er station wagons, type 2s..   During
          > > the second cycle I was once accused of running a junk yard
          > > by my local constabulary.  But that's another story.. 
          > > 
          > > 
          > > 2 type 3s (Robb, you're right they're a curse) one
          > > bug... er um zwitter, and a 61 vert project that's been
          > > in that state for over 10 years. 
          > > 
          > > So, here's my point.  Do you think it's time to
          > > move on?  Get another hobby?  I can't enjoy all of
          > > them and I don't have my own Smithsonian Wing awaiting
          > > 
          > > my collection...  My initial thought is keep between one
          > > to three of them and just enjoy those and sell the rest.
          > > 
          > > What would you do?  Seriously?
          > > 
          > > 
          > > 
          > > 
          > > 
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