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Me too. with the economy the way it is and the printing industry in the 
condition it is in ( I got laid off on the 15th of june) I have yet to find 
work. I do have a interview tomorrow with the Texas Dept of Corrections, I have 
been trying to take on some repair jobs for people but as Em said earlier "It's 
too damn HOT to work outside for long. Denis, I am sorry that Em and I were not 
able to attend PB this year. We wanted to but it just wasn't in financially 
feasable. Hopefully yhings will chage soon and I won't be forced to start 
selling off our beloved VW's, Hopefully if I do get a new job it won't 
interfere with T@P . Em and I are still here and cheris TCB and all the friends 
we have made. Just laying low right now. 

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The truth is I just don't have the money to do what needs to be done yet. I'll 
keep melvin jr. on jack stands in the back until I do. I guarantee you that 
when the work starts you'll see me posting more. 



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There has been almost no traffic here on the list, and although I had a 
wonderful time and, financially, it was a great success, attendance was pretty 
light at Psycoblooie, I am wondering if the whole vintage VW thing is slowing 

I guess people are hurting with the economy, kids, and for some of us, health 
problems and old age are making it harder for us all to get together, we don't 
have the money or the time to keep our vehicles on the road like we used to. 
Some of us are even needing to sell our cars, since they are a side interest 
and not a core necessity. 

I guess some of us are on facebook now. I am on it, but I don't think I like 

I am still here.

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