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It's a dangerous thing to post to the list the things you did while in high
school :)

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My first car was a '69 Volvo station wagon, and it got me where I needed to
go.  I called it the silver bullet and had some pretty amazing times in the
back through high school.  You go Dennis!

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You admit to owning Volvo station wagons????

Denis Dodson <coocoo@xxxxxxx> wrote:    
I have had a question and project that has raised a discussion and I'll
throw it out here. 
I used to have Volvo station wagons and twice I put aftermarket sway bars on
them. It improved them a bunch. So now I am considering a swaybar for my '63
bus to reduce the rocking in turns. 
Only the '67 had a swaybar from the factory. I can put a bar from the '67 if
I grind off some of the metal on the connecting rod so that it will accept
both the bar's clamp and the shock absorber.  
Is it worth it? Will it greatly stabilize the rocking?  
I don't want this to sound like Chuck's Megasquirt or anything that Brian
comes up with, it sounds simple, is it?

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