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  • Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2004 13:10:52 -0500

 I did the POR-15 thing to Casper several years ago, and it was quite easy.
Iwas very pleased with the results.
Here is a picture of my hookup using our shop vac to "draw" clean air
throughthe tank to speed up the drying process.

At 13:03 8/3/2004, you wrote:
He must have had a weakened baffle or he put some super heavy stuff in it or
he shook it beyond the  powers of mortal men. I think there are baffles
(something I'll bet the new ones don't have) to keep the gas from slamming
from side to side as you drive, but they are stronger than that.

When you pull the tank and remove the sender, put a little water in it and
slosh it around and dump it out. If you see black flaky stuff, that is
varnish created when the gas that was in it evaorated or congealed. If rust
comes out, I would do the screws and nuts shaking until the water comes out
as clean as possible, and put it back in and buy about 100 of those plastic
see-through fuel filters and change them often until they are staying clear
longer. I had to change the little screen at the fuel outlet a couple of
times. I can't remember clearly, but I think you can change that little
screen from under the car, you don't have to pull the tank, but I'm barely
sure of my name most of the time, so I could be wrong. Auto Zone and guys
like them have bigger industrial looking plastic filters you can put in
until the gas runs clearer.

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>Matt (local bus guy) said that he tried the coarse stuff test with his
tank and broke a baffle on the inside of the tank...
>So, are they hollow on the inside or is there stuff that could break?
>Denis <coocoo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Everything that Gerald says is true (Well, at least about the gas tank) I
>have never used POR although I have heard that the gas will affect it,
>not. The bay gas tank is a good idea if you have to replace yours. I think
>it was covered in VW Trends not too long ago.
>Why do you need a new one? I had to work on mine because it had so much
>in it that it clogged my lines and filters. If your tank isn't leaking
>there are lots of alternatives. I stuck a powerwasher in the hole where
>sender goes and made a big mess and then I threw in about five hanfuls of
>the coarsest stuff you can find in the yard and garage, nails, screws,
>chain, sharp rocks, anything, put a little water in and and shake it all
>until your exhausted, empty it and do it again until no more crud comes
>Put in a new screen in the fuel outlet and you're done. You could also
>it to a radiator shop and they will take care of it and it might not cost
>too much. I would not buy a new one if I could avoid it.
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>hing Geralsd says is true (well, at least about the gas tank)
>If you have a good stock tank that just needs cleaning/sealing (no major
>rust through) then go with the POR-15 kit. Unless the price has gone up by
>$25 over the last 2 years it's only about $50 and that stuff is AMAZING!
>If you're in the Houston area there was a dealer out on 1488 headed toward
>Magnolia from I-45 so you can avoid shipping charges. Can't recall the
>of the place but you should be able to get the info from the POR-15
>The reason I say go with the reseal of the stock tank is that the new
>are $89 for a reason. Get a new tank and a stock tank and weigh them. The
>new tank weighs about 1/3 less. They're really thin cheap quality repops.
>In Texas humidity expect rust through in about 5 years unless you top off
>daily to make sure there are no air gaps for condensation to form.
>And, unless you're a Vintage Nazi, while you have the tank out you should
>look for someone who has a good used BAY tank for sale and go ahead and do
>the upgrade. I've heard getting the filler to fit can be a bit hairy and
>may require that it be cut off and moved over but the extra 5 gallons can
>be nice on long campout drives.
>On Tue, 3 Aug 2004 07:28:05 -0700 (PDT) Eric Woodall
>>I need to re-finish my gas tank, and really thought that doing the
>>POR-15 gas tank restoration was going to be the way to go until I saw
>>the price, about $75.
>>So I decided to look at how much a new gas tank was, expecting it to be
>>around $150...
>>To my amazement I can get a new one for $89!
>>So the choice seems clear...
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